12 Things to Do When the Sun is in Taurus

Each time the sun moves into a new sign, make a To Do list that fits the sign and house the sun is transiting. Here are some suggestions for your Taurus list, which you can refer to any time the Moon transits Taurus ~ especially at the New Moon in Taurus.

  1. Perfume yourself
  2. Do some grounding exercises
  3. List the things that make you feel secure
  4. Start a savings account for a specific luxury item
  5. Make your environment more secure
  6. Make your environment more sensuous
  7. Take up strength training
  8. Take voice or singing lessons
  9. Display your talent in an artistic way
  10. Plant a garden, even if it's just a mini-garden in a window
  11. Fully embrace and protect your values and valuables
  12. Feel your own power

And One More to Make the Earth a More Beautiful Place... Throw Out Your Dead

If that sounds a bit like a Scorpio activity, think again. Taurus lies across the wheel from Scorpio, so they represent two opposing sides of the same idea. Scorpio is the home of the dead. Taurus is home to life! After the initial rush of Aries and the Spring burgeoning, Taurus arrives on the scene in a fully lush display of new and potent life. These are blossom days. It wants no hints of the dead lying around. Got a dead plant in the garden? Dig it up and throw it out. Are you wearing an old dilapidated pair of pants or a pair of shoes that have seen better days? Venus wouldn't be caught dead in them.

These are trash pile days, when everything that isn't salvageable or recyclable has got to go. Taurus has no interest in the dead unless it's buried in the earth ~ fodder to support new life.

This is the time of year when Venus is in her prime ~ gorgeously begowned in an emerald robe, a crown of flowers in her hair ~ a testament to the best of life, pumped and preened and ready for a good rutting.

This is Venus in her guise as seductress, knowing full well what it will take to tempt the one she has her eye on and gain the treasures that this easy mark will be more than willing to lay at her feet. That seduction always starts in the eyes of her intended. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Venus teaches us to use it as a first line of offense ~ a calculated and cunning shot right to the bull's-eye.

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