About Unilibrium:

The word 'Unilibrium' is a made up word. It is two combined. 'Universal' and 'Equilibrium.'

The theory is that We inhabit human bodies. If we can agree that the point of existence and living is to be happy, healthy and have balance then we can conclude that unilibrium is to help us create that.

In us is a constant state of Homeostasis that needs to be maintained in order to have optimal consciousness and well-being.

Definition of Homeostasis: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

With the website and toolbox unilibrium, you can use astrology to align with "who-you-really-are" to have an equilibrium that comes from the universe. Thus a UNIVERSAL equilibrium, not just a simple switch of diet.

According to most great thinkers, We are all miniature universes that act as animated projections of the outer universe. (The principle of 'As above, so below' ).

So unilibrium is a tool and idea to help us balance our own universe (our human body) because our bodies are theoretically supposed to be a projection of what is out in the universe.

Through practices such as Astrology and implenting it with Organic Gardening and Holistic Health we can find a 'Unilibrium', or a universal equilibrium, within our body and lives. Although, no two people are the same and everybody will experience a different version of what it is that makes them feel whole.

Unilibrium is here to be a guiding point and reference material for gardening and astrology alike. Combining these two is what it is all about. If we do things correctly we can then begin to experience our version of nirvana, bliss, tranquility, serenity, peace or whatever else you might call it.


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