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Aries is the cardinal fire sign, bursting out at the spring equinox, when nature boldly renews itself, like the mythical bird Phoenix, rising out of its own ashes. That death-defying strength is the sign of the Warrior, which is therefore the archetype of Aries. It's the character of seeing life as a challenge and gladly taking it on. Without it, we would crouch in our cradles all through life.


Taurus is the fixed earth sign. In the solar year, its time is that of sowing the fields, securing food for the coming year. Thus, its archetype is the Farmer, who cares for the land and makes sure we have the substance essential for our survival. The farmer knows the cyclic rhythm of the year and is in no hurry to deviate from it, or from any other established pattern. He knows the risks of ignorant alterations, and the necessity of staying grounded.


Gemini is the mutable air sign, the thought that flies away so quickly many will miss it. Therefore, nothing is to be taken too seriously. It's the archetype of the Jester, the one who can take any turn of fate with a laugh and makes sure we remember to enjoy ourselves. What we can't joke about, we can't ever get over. Without the jester, life would often be too much to bear.


Cancer is the cardinal water sign, the one who cares for our feelings and wants each of us to be pleased. That's the archetype of the Mother. She gives birth to us, as the crops ripen in the middle of summer, and nurtures us with all that plenty. The mother is our protector, not our servant. She decides what's best for us and makes it so. Make no mistake about it - she's a ruler.


Leo is the fixed fire sign, the sun at its zenith of power, right before the summer bids farewell. This proud time is one of glory, so the archetype of Leo is the King. Majestic, resting on his throne, dazzling the subjects as well as himself with his shine. It's the personification of pride and the beauty that emanates from such self-confidence. It's the attitude by which mankind accomplishes the greatest feats - and the most horrible ones.


Virgo is the mutable earth sign, the fragility of the material things necessary for our survival. It's the time of harvest, which can go this way or that - depending on the whims of nature as well as on the soundness of our own previous preparations. What we have neglected will surely strike us now. We are reminded of the need to take proper care of things. The archetype of Virgo is the Craftsman, paying the greatest attention to every detail, making as sure as possible to reach the intended outcome. There's no substitute for skill and hard work.


Libra is the cardinal air sign, the word that rules. It's the mind set on principles and logic, and the will-power to stick to sound conclusions, no matter what. This is the archetype of the Judge, who knows the law and the importance to respect it - or chaos will emerge, soon enough. It's the conviction that what has been concluded in theory also must rule practice, even if the latter has to bend and change to adapt. Firm but fair. Still confused at times, since reality doesn't always fit the model of it.


Scorpio is the fixed water sign. Water ceases to move only in the deepest abyss of the ocean, where nothing can be seen and most of us never reach. It's that hidden realm, the mystery of which scares us when we get a taste of it - mainly in our dreams and fantasies. It seems unreal, but still works its ways. It's the archetype of the Actor, whose pretense has hidden meanings and influences us beyond our understanding of it. Pretense and innuendo - there's no way of escaping them.


Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, the spark that appears and then disappears far away at the speed of light. Sagittarius is as difficult to contain as flames in the wind. It will never remain where it appeared. It's the archetype of the Explorer, constantly searching for new worlds, never settling, never at peace. But without this unattached adventurer, we would remain forever at the spot where we were born, doing nothing but reproducing right there. It's what makes us go on.


Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, taking the material that can be assembled and making something out of it, something that impresses and lasts. It's the archetype of the Builder, the one who puts use to everything at our disposal. And it's necessary for our survival, as the emergence of this sign on the winter solstice reminds us - the darkest day of the year, when only our own abilities can guarantee our existence, since nature's resources have abandoned us. It's what makes us persevere.


Aquarius is the fixed air sign, the thought that stayed and became how we define ourselves and our world. It's the contemplation that we find time for during long and cold nights. Time for reflection. It's the archetype of the Teacher, who makes sure that we cherish the conclusions of our predecessors and pass them on to posterity. It's the profundity that makes us dare to call our species Homo Sapiens, the Wise Man. It may not make us cheerful, but it helps us come to peace with the terms of life.


Pisces is the mutable water sign, the restlessness of emotions. We live our lives searching for inner peace, by which we really mean lasting solace and joy. But feeelings do not last, it's not in their nature. We chase them and they escape us after the briefest of emĀ­braces. That's the arcehtype of the Martyr, who struggles and makes countless sacrifices in the futile attempt to find lasting satisfaction. But every bliss is a mirage, dissolving when reached, indifferent to our devotion. On the other hand, that's why we move at all.

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