The Arcturians - Global Illumination Council

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes: a red giant. Visual magnitude: --0.4;

The Arcturians are known to be the most technologically advanced race in the Universe. This group is dedicated to the awareness of Arcturus and the Arcturians at this moment in our evolution and their purpose for interacting with Earth at this time.

  • Arcturians predominantly exist in 6th density. Sirians and Arcturians both created the Sirian/Arcturian matrix which is the template for physicality of third dimensional Earth. Sirians have been heavily involved in our genetic coding and DNA manipulation where as the Arcturians have been held as angelic and god like beings throughout history. Arch Angel Michael is from Arcturus. Arcturians are known to be many of the angels we have in our bible. The concept of Krishna is Arcturian also... The reason why gods in hindu text are portrayed as blue is because of their connection to Arcturus and the skin complexion that the physically incarnated Arcturians have

  • Human beings are a genetic soup of many many races in our galaxy. We have pleidean, arcturian, sirian, annunaki DNA plus a lot more. Recently the Greys have been tampering with DNA code infusing zeta reticule

  • there are those that want to keep us stuck in 3D... but even the 'evil' works for the 'good'... since the experience we get from this polarity allows us to complete the purpose for why we are on Earth. which is to gain experience other than where we have come from - source. Earth is currently the only planet in our galaxy with such a wide array of polarity and duality... we are the greatest lightshow in the Universe

  • The Sirians embedded a genetic code in humanity's DNA that is set to be unlocked as soon as the individual human reaches a certain frequency/vibration which is measured in hertz... each year it has been calculated that the average vibration of a human increases by 30hz... if you combine our natural process with meditation or other things that raise the vibration, one can tap into a complete remembrance once the code is unlocked. Within the next few years the majority of man kind will be at this vibration and we will have a mass download/awakening.

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