Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
by Weston A. Price

The Negative Effect of White Flour

Have you ever wondered how healthy or unhealthy it is to us to be consuming white flour products? Most haven't yet. To begin, we want to point out that white flour products such as many breads, pastries and desserts are made from wheat and most of this wheat gets bleached. Additionally, many people have gluten intolerance and this is a protein that is found in wheat that can cause bloating. This is why a lot of companies label their foods as being gluten free. They're trying to sell the idea of health. Unfortunately, much of the time their products are no healthier than the white bread they're avoiding.

Many wheat crops are genetically modified and it is important to note that GMO crops can damage our DNA, lower our immunity and cause what is known as a leaky gut syndrome. Many grocery store breads, desserts, cakes and pastries are made with bleached white flour and highly refined processed sugars. These ingredients have been shown to cause birth defects, tuberculosis, tooth decay and nervous system damage. Did you know bleached white flour products are a leading contributor to asthma? [1] It is also important to note the aggressive behaviors associated with consuming such highly processed diets that include bleached white flour and sugary artificially flavored foods.

In a 1927 study on rats by Dr. Robert McCarrison, he showed that when rats were fed a hunza diet(raw vegetables, minimal meat, herbs and whole grains) compared to rats that were fed an english diet(coffee, muffins, pastries, white flour products and processed foods) that the hunza rats behaved nicely towards each other whereas the processed diet rats became so violent that they began to attack each other and in some cases even began to eat each other. [2] This is significant when we create a comparison between these studies and the way people and societies act towards each other in today's world. When you look at what diets are that most are regularly consuming you come to an interesting conclusion. Now let's imagine what happens, physiologically, when we consume white flour products.

First we get some disease from the GMO such as tooth decay(cavities and dental carries were extensively documented by Dr. Weston A. Price), weak bones and weak brain function (alzheimers, mood swings, aggression or depression). [3] Then we become stressed, our cortisol levels increase and we may begin to gain weight. Now the body starts experiencing degeneration and to fight off the weight gain and terribly fluctuating high and low energy levels most people resort to coffee since its a stimulant. Coffee then becomes seen as the cure all since it works at first but usually the consumer gets addicted and isn't even drinking an organic coffee variety in the first place.

This causes more stress, maybe some small brain damage and eventually can lead to terrible aggression and even insomnia as well. Anger has a taxing affect on our liver, too. Since our liver is linked up with the adrenals, kidneys and shoulders we start getting shoulder pains and back pains and then we eventually get injured on the job or picking up a sock. We have to add in that this white flour is commonly bleached with chlorine. Do you want small amounts of chlorine inside of your body? This is the nature of human deterioration by unnatural dieting and processed foods and is the adverse affect that white flour can have on our health. How can we avoid such unwanted health issues?

To avoid any potential health dangers we want to use organic varieties of these foods or just avoid them all together. Most people who have genetics that come from either north or south poles don't do very well on plant based diets and therefore don't do well on wheat or bread products. Avoiding coffee usually curbs our appetite for it and prevents dehydration, adrenal fatigue energy crashes and burnouts(complete adrenal exhaustion). There is something very autoimmune to the body whenever we consume genetically modified, pesticide sprayed bleached white flour products. Anything artificial flavored is a genetically modified chemical that usually has the potentiality to cause autoimmune diseases such as heart problems or even cancer. [4] So as soon as you consume something with this in the ingredients list, you will immediately have to start detoxing and finding whole foods to battle off any cells that might not be functioning correctly.

These unsafe ingredients should be avoided no matter what and actually should become banned. When looking for your favorite wheat brand look for an organic variety from local farms or 100% organic farms. Organic means the farmer did not use any chemical fertilizers or any pesticide, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides. The most optimal quality organic certification we want a farm to have would be a certification that requires that the soil on the farm was untouched for at least 3 years. [5]

Many cancers and birth defects have been revealed by people born near agricultural centers that use large amounts of these dangerous chemicals. [6] This is why it is strictly important to always buy organic foodstuffs which creates a sustainable 'vote with your dollar' method of living through a sustainable economy. Buying artificial flavors and quick weight loss strategies doesn't work out well in the long run. It may seem like fun for a little while until your sleeping with back pain and can't move. So your best health comes when you drink more water and shop organic whenever possible.

I have tested the strategy of drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day and it actually has a very beneficial affect on the health of the human body. In order for us to be able to function optimally at work and live our dreams we should be as vital as possible. With healthy habits and smart choices we can reduce a lot of bodily pains and actually live our dreams to the extent that they were meant to have been lived by us. We deserve to have healthy and happy lives so we would do well to investing in our health in terms of organics and actually boycotting the heavily sprayed commercial stuff. The best way to investigate your own health is by looking at ingredients labels or avoiding foods that require ingredient lists.

To conclude, bleached white flour products are statistically actually a very bad food choice and more of a detriment to our body than an aid. It is best not to feed this to our children. Although using organic varieties of unbleached flour products may actually show benefits in certain individuals. Unbleached whole wheat flour bread is less processed(although it is still a 'processed' food) and to many these products actually taste good. Breads are a great source of carbohydrates(if you are one able to digest wheat) and many tribes and societies around the globe create their own. So avoiding bleached flour products and getting the alternative is what you're looking to invest in for optimal health performance.

Thank you for learning about the adverse health effects bleached white flour.


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