The essence of it is that we are shifting from our current limited state, to a higher vibration and level of consciousness - a more spiritually evolved state, free from many of the individual and collective problems of our present existence. We are evolving beyond the state in which fear, violence, struggle, and strife can thrive. We are growing into a more enlightened state of being, which will be characterized by unity, peace, cooperation, compassion, harmony and freedom from many of our current limitations.

Thanks to the digital advancements in astronomical software, it is possible to travel into the future to reconstruct what it will be the End of the 13th B'aktun in the Fifth Cycle of our Mayan Era time completing a full procession of equinoxes after 25,920 years and the end of the Long Count calendar. The demonstration shows the delicate precision of our astronomers-priests and their great observation work in the sky. The snapshot, shown below, simulates how it would look like on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM GMT at Chitzen Itza on a clear sky with the alignment of planets and the Sun should an observer stands in front of the ancient ruins of Chitzen Itza. A beautiful celestial show of cosmic and mathematical precision. You can notice the planet Venus on top of the pyramid as a maritime star announcing the prophetic return of Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulkan) in the new cycle according to the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. Is our Lord Pakal Ahau preparing us for the coming of our Christ-consciousness?

For the astronomical oriented, we include the data of the location at Chitzen Itza:
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Latitude (DMS) +20° 40' 0N
Longitude (DMS) -88° 34' 0W
Altitude 98 feet (29 meters)
Time zone (est) UTC/GMT-6 -11:11 UT

Does it mean the end of the world?
There are many thoughts about the Mayans, their calendar and 2012. This calendar is reliable for some researchers because the Mayans predicted the year when their civilization would be invaded by the foreigners, they predicted the world wars and every solar and lunar eclipse until today. However they never predicted anything about 2012. But maybe they did but we don't know now as the Spanish when attacked their land, burnt the books of the Mayans and unfortunately today we only have a few of their sources.

To some researches it will not be the end of the world but will be an age of wisdom and peace because they know that Mayans never believed in endings. According to them time was circular and every ending starts a new beginning. New age philosophers think that this will be a galactic event which helps the inner and outer cosmos to exchange by the help of a gateway that the Sun will create with a unique position. With this exchange fear and hatred will disappear, we'll be purified. This shift is being catalyzed by an increase of Divine Evolutionary Light pouring into Earth's atmosphere. This light is the force behind all evolution throughout the universe... the process of every created thing unfolding its full divine potential and moving up the ladder of consciousness. First, it should be noted that the consciousness shift is a "process," - similar to the process of growing up - and there may not be any single point in time when it is suddenly complete. Still, there are a number of teachings predicting the end of the year 2012 as the time when the shift will reach a major culmination point, akin to what science calls "critical mass." Growing beyond our old level of awareness requires letting go of our lower vibrational "stuff"... our limiting beliefs, our fears, and our physical-emotional toxins. As part of this clearing process, our stuff tends to become extremely amplified, so that we must finally deal with it before bidding it farewell. When this is happening, you don't have to look hard to find it... it is generally right in your face. This same process can be seen occurring on a global level. Many of the events that are being played out on the world stage are a cleansing of humanity's collective toxins, and a bringing to light of humanity's collective "shadow". Now is like a rushing river, and this will be experienced in many different ways. There are those who would hold onto the shore... there is no shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle of the river. Keep your head above the water, look around to see who else is in the river with you, and celebrate.
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