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June 6, 2012 = 1 - WIND (IK)

" If we take the year A.D. 2012 as a good marker for the era in which the sun and the pleiades are conjunct on May 20, something doubly interesting is found. First, on May 20 of A.D. 2012, there will be a solar eclipse that will sweep across central and western North America. This means that the sun and the pleiades will pass through the zenith with the moon! Second, that date in the 260-day tzolkin calendar will be 10 chicchan, and Chicchan means serpent. The pyramid of Kukulcan has nine levels and the top, central platform (the "zenith") is the tenth. Thus 10 Chicchan, May 20, 2012-the date of solar eclipse-would be a most auspicious day to consciously celebrate the ancient cosmic myth at Chichen Itza."

Excerpt from John Major Jenkins book maya cosmogenesis 2012

50 beautiful pictures of supermoon from March 19, 2011 (Longcount: Tzolkin: 11 Caban)