"Consciousness is the awareness of being aware" -Ian Xel Lungold

Cosmos and space:
Astrophysics Documentary
Galileo's battle for the heavens
StarChildren Documentary
The secret life of Sir Isaac Newton
Truth about Astrology
The Venus Project - Space(short)

Albert einstein biography
David Wilcock: Sourcefield investigations
Nassim Haramein: Rogue Metaphysical Library
Stephen Hawking
Santos Bonacci: Reclaiming Dominion

Consciousness and other:
Awakening as one
Indigo evolution
Secrets of The Psychics

The botany of desire
Rudolf Steiner and the Science of Spiritual Realities
The secret life of plants

Future By Design: Venus Project Documentary
Rare Bill Jenkins Audio from the 80s
Hoxsey: The Quack who cured cancer

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