UFO News

This page covers the latest UFOs that have just entered Earth's Atmosphere.
Most of the videos are original footage filmed by average citizens.
Welcome to Independence Day

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Mass UFO Sighting Over Arizona Desert 4-15-17
UFO Sverige 2017-04-03
UFO - Corpuscular ship and CHEMTRAIL 2.April.2017.
Major UFO Sightings with 5 witnesses 3/27/2017
Night Vision Footage Of Five UFOs In Henderson 3/17/2017
March 12 UFO sighting Arkansas
Small UFO Fleet Nighttime march 3 2017
London UFO march 2 2017
Fleet over Arizona march 1 2017
SecureTeam10: UFOs seen in Iran and Kuwait February 2/20/2017
UFOs over Fort Myers, Florida - February 3 2017
orange orbs UFO's captured Maricopa, AZ, US 2nd Feb 2017
Spectacular UFO Crash! Burning UFO or Meteorite lands in Fields, Feb 2017
REMOVED From Web! UFO Fleet Over Mexico Border 1/26/17
UFO in Goodyear, Arizona USA Jan 22, 2017
Iran Military Opens Fire On UFO Fleet 1.21.2017
UFO Sightings In Phoenix On New Year's Eve
UFO Sighting New Years 2017 - Sacramento
UFO Fleet seen over Maine dec 21, 2016
Blue UFO in Storm In Cusco Peru - OVNI Azul en Tormenta En Cusco Peru 19/12/2016
Breaking News: Bright object seen over Venezuela 12/16/16
Tulsa, Oklahoma Daytime UFO 12/10/2016
Strange object? (strange UFO?) 08-12-16 18:29 Drepano Argolis Hellas (Greece)
UFO Spotted in Great Britain December 5, 2016
UFO over los angeles 12.2.16
UFO attacked to Turkey? Unknown lights! 11.28.2016
UFOs over Toronto in Double Helix formation 11.24.16

Iran Military Opens Fire On UFO Fleet - filmed 1.17.17 1.21.2017

UFO Fleet in Buxton Maine 12/19/16

Blue UFO in Thunder Storm 12/19/16

UFO seen in Tulsa Oklahoma

UFO Clears Chemtrail September 2016

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