Frequently Asked Questions

What is unilibrium used for?
Unilibrium is used for the purposes of Global Peace, Healing and Ascension.

What does 'Unilibrium' mean?
Unilibrium is an invented word that stands for 'Universal Equilibrium'.

Is Unilibrium a religion?
No, unilibrium is a website that is used as a toolbox to create a more sustainable world. It's a humanitarian effort.

Is unilibrium a Health website?
This site is an astrology and organic gardening website. Both of these topics have to do with health but unilibrium is considered an astrology website.

Does unilibrium have a philosophy?
We follow a philosophy but we are not a philosophy based website.

Is it safe to practice astrology if I am a christian?
Of course! Click This Link to read the scripture from the 'book of Infancy', a book purposely left out of modern christian bibles.

Is this a social network?
This is an astrology and organic farming educational resource. Visitors should register for the forums and communicate with each other to discuss astrology, etc.

Does unilibrium give out legal advice?
We do not give out any legal advice and are not an advisory service.

Is Unilibrium a Pharmacy?
No, this is not a pharmacy. If you are looking for medical drugs you will have to consult your doctor or physician.

Am I allowed to use Unilibrium to grow plants such as marijuana or psychedelic plants?
Visitors are expected to know the local regulations within their cities regarding this issue. Our gardening area exists entirely to help grow food to help prevent issues of pollution, hunger, disease and poverty.

Does unilibrium offer relationship advice?
We exist to help others align themselves to 'who-you-really-are' using the teachings by Esther and Jerry hicks (the teachings of Abraham). That is from the book 'The Vortex'.

How can I use this website to educate my children?
Using the astrology and gardening sections found are the best places to start with educating children.

Is there a time limit to learning the educational materials found here?
There is no time limit and we encourage everyone to learn at their own pace and to not feel rushed while studying and practicing the curriculum.

Does unilibrium endorse anarchy or anti-government concepts?
No, unilibrium is for living a peaceful life and to heal ourselves. We are not anarchists nor are we here to oppose any governments. We are strictly an educational website.

What is the policy of unilibrium?
Health, Healing, Ascension, Global Unity and Peace are the main objectives of unilibrium.

Is Unilibrium a School?
Unilibrium is an alternative system to be used for educational purposes.

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