Guided Earth Meditation

1. Hang the Sacred Geometry symbol somewhere so that its centre is at the level of your eyes.
2. Sit on a chair holding your spine straight; if this is not possible, find the most comfortable position.
3. Breathe in and out slowly. Let the breath flow naturally.
4. Look into the centre of the Sacred Geometry symbol, trying to not blink if you can; just keep your sight right in the centre, at the point.
5. Look at least for 15 minutes.
6. Close your eyes.
7. Let the Sacred Geometry gradually guide you towards the ultimate energies within.
8. The Sacred Geometry will absorb your complete awareness, and you will not be able to tell if the Sacred Geometry symbol is within yourself or if you are within the Sacred Geometry; this is the state of ONE completion.
9. Be Creative and Grateful.

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