How to Use This Website

Unilibrium is, for all intended purposes, essentially a toolbox.
The mission with the unilibrium philosophy is to restore that which is broken.
Unilibrium is a gardening and astrology based website mainly. So to get the most optimal use of this website you will need to apply the knowledge contained within its pages. For example if you desire to create a permaculture on your land then you will use the permaculture resources found here.

Health is an extraordinary topic and many times I've had people going out and buying the very products that unilibrium teaches not to use(such as hotdogs, skittles, etc.). This is improper use of our teachings, actually. Unilibrium is a Humanitarian and Sustainability based project. We cannot be held responsible if you use this toolbox improperly or for your own selfish gains, as it will not work in optimization like that. We strive for perfection and the more perfect, the better. As currently we live in an imperfect world. So the point is if you are broken, hurt, unhealthy or confused this website should have the sufficient information to help you to begin healing. If you are already in perfect health then you can use this website to help your friends, colleagues, family etc. to heal. If everything is already perfect then we are nothing more than a toolbox to be referenced back to in times of brain fatigue and forgetfulness and it is our legacy and our dream to be able to provide this. ----

Spirituality does not have to be nor is it a competition. We are a very spiritual people here at unilibrium and hostility will not be dealt with. We do not have time for negativity or criticizing each other. We are all on our own level of development and our own level of evolution and it is important to realize how potentially equal we are all with each other. If you possess some greater ability than another then don't go beating them up about it, helping them would be a better optimization of our energies. As a spiritual person, wouldn't you agree? ----

For best results in friendships and business partnerships communication is very important. A great book to look into would be non-violent communication. We the earthly unilibrians must feel like the general mass of civilization is eating too many processed foods, working too many jobs that are stressful and as of currently not spending enough time inside mother natures wonderful ecosystems.
This can create a lot of anger and hatred inside of people so the best way to communicate would be with non-violence and actually compassion. Compassion seems to be the cornerstone of many of my successes because of my experiences. You can be compassionate and so can I. Dr. Masaru emoto from Japan showed clearly the health benefits of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and love in his several book teachings about rendering prayer to water. We can carry on this message too, so let's give it a try! ----

One of the better ways to use unilibrium is through a smart phone or android phone while out and about to source information from openly. We are here to save the earth, after all.
Thank you for choosing unilibrium -admin