Humans are from orion

Credo said zulus believed that humans come from 'a world among the stars' which he calls 'mpalalatsani' in the constellation of orion. You might recall that Orion is depicted on the 'Necklace of the Mysteries'. Credo says that Mpalalatsani is a paradise world and, according to legend, it is 'a red place with red rocks, red earth, red sand and seas'. I asked him what it was called by western astronomy and he said he didn't know. He only knew it as Mpalalatsani, which means 'The Scatterer of Life'. There is, however, a 'supergiant' bright, reddish star or world in the Orion group called Betelgeuse, 640 light-years from Earth.

If it replaced our Sun it would reach out as far as Mars. Observers and researchers at the University of California said in 2009 that Betelgeuse has shrunk by 15 per cent in the last 15 years. It was the first star to have its size measured and it is one of only a handful of stars that appears through the Hubble Space Telescope as a disc rather than a point of light.

Zulu legends say that humans used to live on the 'red world' called Mpalalatsani (another possible origin for all the 'red' SYmbolism, but there are also Zulu accounts about Reptilians living on Mars). It is said there was a 'great war between human men and women on Mpalalatsani and the survivors were banished for their lust and other behaviour. Humans were once androgynous and there we 0 men 0 but the Reptilians instiga ed genetic manipulation on paIalatsani to divide the original numan form into male and female, the legend goes.

Credo says that Mpalalatsani is the real location of the biblical Garden of Eden, from which humans were banished, and that genetic manipulation started there and continued within the Moon and later on Earth. Another African word used for Mpalalatsani is ,Matfieng', and this means 'Lord of the Insects' or 'Lord of the Flies'. Credo said this was an insulting description of the humans who were ejected from Mpalalatsani and, interestingly', it is the meaning of the name of the Hebrew demon called 'Beelzebub'.

This demon is also known as 'Satan' and the 'Devil' in some cultures, but is separate from them in others. Beelzebub derives from 'Ba'al Zebftb', 'Ba'al Z_bftb' or 'Ba'al Z_viiv' and these words mean .. ,'Lord of the Flies', 'Baal' is another name for the Babylonian Nimrod. Beelzebub is said to be high in the hierarchy of Hell and the fallen angels and presides over the 'Order of the Fly'. The author, William Golding, published a famous book in 1954 called Lord ofthe Flies.

It is an allegorical novel about a group of schoolboys who are stranded on a desert island without any adults and it explores the conflicting impulses of living in peace and harmony or fighting for power - appropriate given what Zulu legends say about what happened with humans on the 'red world'. The book also includes the themes of groupthink against individuality, morality against immorality, and rational thought against emotional reactions. The schoolboys descend into violence before being rescued by a naval ship. Zulu legends say that the surviving humans banished from Mpalalatsani were brought to Earth by the Reptilians in the Moon.

It carried all types of humans, including shamans, Credo said, and the different human groups were kept in different compartments within the Moon. Dr Farooq Al-Baz, who worked with NASA on the scientific exploration of the Moon, once said: 'There are many undiscovered caverns suspected to exist beneath the surface of the Moon. Several experiments have been flown to the Moon to see if there Spaceship Moon 313 actually were such caverns.'

NASA unveiled the manned spacecraft in 2009 that it planed to send to the Moon in 2020. They called it Orion and it replaced the mission named after the sun god, Apollo, but then Obama suddenly cancelled the project in February 2010. Zulu legends say that a higher Consciousness, known to Zulu lore as the 'Tree of Life', wants humans to come back into the fold to reconnect with their true selves and 'higher forces', but the Reptilians, in Credo's words, 'really want to mess things up'. The Tree of Life is another universal concept found in every ancient culture and it is based on the belief that all life on Earth (the branches of the tree) is related. This is precisely what I am saying in my books using other words and analogies.

source: Book - Human race get off your knees by david icke

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