Musical Frequencies

Music as Vibrational Healing and Higher Frequencies

Music as Vibration in a nutshell - You can find these varying frequencies to listen to on YouTube or other online websites free

  • Frequency 1 - Wipe out your unhealthy fears, drop feelings of guilt and shame...(396Hz)
  • Frequency 2 - Remove the recurring, negative cycles in your life like procrastination, addiction, and junk food...(417Hz)
  • Frequency 3 - Discover the Master Key that precipitates all other frequencies. This is the very same frequency David used to soothe King Saul's depression...(444Hz )
  • Frequency 4 - Hear the most curious frequency of all... it has the power to relax you... transform your stress into peaceful bliss... (528Hz)
  • Frequency 5 - Enjoy the fostering of peace and forgiveness in all your relationships....(639Hz)
  • Frequency 6 - Gain a keen awareness of your very own spirit in this powerful yet delicately performed miracle of healing...( 741Hz)
  • Frequency 7 - Revel in the frequency that celebrates the King of Kings...(852Hz)

  • Also Solfeggio 285Hz - assists with activating health blueprint (285Hz)
Source: unknown Pieces of Love <3

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