Eleven is the number of new beginnings

When the forces of Eleven become fully activated on earth, they have the power to change history in the making. Within the number and sequences of Eleven lives all answers and questions. Eleven teaches us every problem is a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are not victims but victors and are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the ascension process starting with ourselves. It asks you to finally locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher 11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see 11, 111 or 1111 on a clock it represents that you are being given an opportunity to walk into a Gateway of Manifestation. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which are then manifesting physically in record speed.

The time period from November 11, to January 11 is considered to be the HOLY TRINITY months the 23 faces of Eve and Atom. All in All it is a divine decree and opportunity issued to all of earth to Wake-up, and become your true light. Eleven is also the number of masters. 11:11 is an encoded molecular structure of Remembrance, activating the Master of Light we have always been. This is the Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on
many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment. For we Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, every word,
every day.

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Telephonically, you sit at a longitude and latitude that requests the presence of the higher levels of your own light. Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you see and that you seek. It sings in a universal note that cannot be understood or deciphered by the human ear or the human consciousness. The next levels of attunement and at-one-ment that you seek lives within at the solar crossings of your light and your humanness.

Creating a four-cornered aspect. For eons humans have thought of themselves as body, mind, and spirit. But now the spirit takes on a new octave of transference and transformation. Your humanness stands divided. Your mind stands divided. And your spirit stands divided. Not separated but multiplied times two. Everything is as an ameba that separates itself coming into more of its true identity.

The energies of the 11:11 grand entrance and portal of self, is accentuated by the sounds that your body makes. Use the silent sounds within your own internal universe. Allow the pulsing of your blood to be heard as your own music, the beat of your heart, the sound of your breath as the wind enters you and circulates as a wind that enters a cave and sings about its experience. Even the cracking of your knees and your bones gives to you the sound of life, as the humanness in all its frailties and vulnerabilities awakens. Humanly you expand, mentally you expand, and spiritually it has already begun. You will find that there are many new avenues to experience these tri-verifications of what was once polarity and
duality. There is no longer just the white tiles or the black tiles, but there is the gray area that you enter. the gray says that I will sit here and rest as I decide about right and wrong, dark and light, good and bad. The gray area is neutral, free of comment.

You will use it to decipher all the encoding and the secrets that live within your hearing range. You exist multi-dimensionality. You know this. You pay lip service to this knowing. You pay your bills on earth, but do you pay them in heaven as well? All of your actions of earth are as a centerpiece. You are an intersection for all dimensional fluxes that you exist upon. All of your choices here on earth also influence
the outcomes of all other stellar experiences. Everything that you send out bounces back to your earthly presence. All avenues of time and space deliver you messages, incoming and out going. you are becoming a deciding factor in these other levels of your light. For so long human beings have frowned upon their very humanness not seeing it as divine. They have frowned about what seems in-just and unjust, and have seen themselves as victims of the universe. As you become the portal that you so seek, as you become the gateway of light your understandings will change in accordance with how you intercept what comes forth to you telepathically, clairvoyantly, and physically.

You have been told since time began that ye are Gods. That earth is a place of Gods, a Mecca of Gods. A place where those of the grandest intention and the grandest abilities meet to play to and act out with one another. As you stand in this creational portal and you become more aware of every cell of your being, you will become 100% responsible for your creations and all of their tales. There is be no more excuses. There is no more victims.

The next 6 years brings you to the final phase of what is to transpire. Everything that you do influences the outcome. Every negative thought that you have about yourself, about others, your neighbors shifts the scale into more denseness that is destined to be destroyed or more light that is destined to be berthed. Every positive thought that you have concerning the outcome of humanities choices, the outcome of a love, or taking a chance, shifts in accordance with your interpretation of events. No longer
are you at the mercy of others. All of life sits and awaits your actions, your thoughts, and your interpretation of what events represent.

In all the mind fields of human understanding do not exploit and explode what is of dark as it presents itself. Bless all that seems dark within self and life until it screams for mercy.These doorways are continually expanding and contracting in accordance with humanity. As one who stands teasing electronic
doors, should you enter or should you exit, you no longer have the luxury of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and contraction for all movement forward is literally taken as such and agreed upon by your quantum particles/molecules.

All movement backward is taken verbatim as truth. The theory that you move three steps forward and two steps backward will not hold up in the new light of the new day, as you become the gateway that you enter. It is time for you to enter all that you have held secret and sacred within yourselves.

Everything that you seek lives within the cellular /stellar memory. From this point forward as you walk toward the 11:11 on November 11th of 2006, you will walk fully into who you are. You will find the peace that you seek. You will find the love that you seek. You will find the truth that you seek. There is no turning away and running. There is only a movement forward through you into the universal you. Your every word, your every thought, your every intention is received as a truth. Will you enter? Or will you
exit? What is hidden reveals itself as a scroll that is rolled out to be read in a language that is not understood by the intellect.

The awakening comes. Are you ready? We are the Hathors. We are living light held within sound. Within
your words, within your music, within your voice is living light. You are the Language of Light that you so seek to speak. It is laced within every word that you speak. The geometry's of your words is felt above all other actions. Action always needs to be taken, but realize that intentions are there even before you can take onestep. with that knowledge, intend sacredly.     


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