Obesity: Causes and Cures

by Holistic Health Performance

Have you ever wondered how the weight you gained even got there? As if almost overnight you became this desperate lazy person on a mission to your own doom. Looking for a way out you tried everything from dieting to exercise, but nothing worked. Eventually you found yourself curled up next to your food watching that late night t.v. program. The next morning you were what some people call fat.

Many ways there are to become fat and many ways there are to as well shed the pounds. Let's review both.

Fat accumulates due to stress. Stress accumulates do to inadequate training, poor conditioning and improper intellectual upbringing. For the mind with no knowledge sickness is easy to bring into being. With an educated mind you can avoid almost all disease, including weight gain. So the first thing to do is intellectualize your brain and educate yourself on weight loss. If you are well equipped with the proper knowledge you can even get away with being fat without dyeing. This could even prove to help get you out of the hole you might currently be in as well, if you are in one.

Stress accumulates due to improper sleep, improper hydration, improper dieting and also improper body mechanics. When we stay up all night we gain weight, especially if you couple it with genetically modified pastries and deserts. Your body won't tell a lie, so even if you bought organic food (or what you thought to be) your body will always show what's really going on, so pay attention to it. Its your most useful and technical tuning device for the treatment of obesity and unnecessary weight gain. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Try going for the morally better meal. Such as "should I get the 6.99/lb organic salad bar or should I get the 3.99 bottle of pasteurized milk? You get a better moral value for another 3 dollars.

Eating 3 meals a day can drastically normalize your energy and body composition. Traditionally people only eat 3 meals a day. This is what may be constituted as being 'normal' in societies standards. People love colors, though, and having fun. So most people end up carrying around a damaged inner child and seeking out colorful bright things which are often times very deceptive. Think along the terms of energy drinks, neon glowing sports drinks, bright colored energy drinks and shiny labeling on protein bars. All of these foods are bad for you and almost always contain artificial Iingredients that have been shown to link to cancer, DNA damage and obesity. Consuming 3 meals per day at breakfast, lunch and dinner will usually be sufficient to keep you going strong. If you are doing strenuous work such as construction and hard labor you may require a calorie increase though.

Here is a list of things that commonly cause weight gain:

-Not getting to bed on time
-Not eating right for your metabolic type
-Pasteurized/homogenized juices and milks
-Genetically modified foods
-White processed sugar
-White bleached flour
-Any processed food such as fast food restaurants
-Artificial colors, ingredients, "natural" flavoring, artificial flavoring
-Large bags of salted potato chips
-Watching too much television
-Playing video games too often
-Staying inside too much
-Avoiding exercise
-Avoiding sunlight
-Cereals and breads
-Drinking alcohol
-Improper hydration, not drinking enough purified water
-Not stretching the body
-Over eating
-Counting calories

Here is a list of things that may cure weight gain:

-Eating organically grown food whenever possible
-Organically grown greens and salads
-Getting to bed on time
-Avoid all artificial flavored foods
-Avoid artificially colored foods
-Use glass tupperware to cook food with
-Exercising regularly
-Going for long walks and sweating out toxins
-Eating 3 meals a day
-Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of purified water each day (200 lb person needs 100 ounces).
-Doing farm work or growing an organic garden
-Avoid all processed foods
-Avoid calorie counting
-Circuit weight training
-Sweating and being outside as much as possible
-Using good posture and body mechanics if you're in an office a lot
-Balance/stabilization training (consult a personal trainer).
-Avoiding stimulants
-Avoid commercial meat products and buy grass fed or wild caught meats
-Hire a personal trainer or Holistic health practitioner
-Avoid vitamin/mineral supplements

Some things to go over would be crucial in this new learning. Calorie counting is a very misleading factor that is brought up in the health industry. Particularly the "bodybuilding" industry with all of its dangerous vitamin supplements and hormonal alternatives. Counting calories is marketed as being a strategy for keeping a particular weight. Its usually pretty time consuming because there are different weight measurements for each food item which means you will deal with a lot of numbers. You end up wasting your time doing a bunch of math with your food and not getting anywhere. Lions, snakes, bears and other wild animals do not count calories and none of them have gained any weight!

Saturated fat and cholesterol are another thing to know about. Many drug companies market themselves as cholesterol lowering. This is entirely unnecessary because cholesterol is a precursor to all of the major steroid hormones that the body naturally produces. The shape of a cholesterol structure in chemistry is also very similar to the shape of the testosterone structure. So it may be safe to say that when you lower your cholesterol you are actually shutting down your testosterone. Saturated fat is loaded with cholesterol and a lot of food and drug companies market products as having less saturated fat or being fat free. The truth about fat is that your brain eats it and without fat in the diet you may become fatter. Don't be fooled, the processes in the brain depend on these food sources. Fat also Insulates the body in cold.

The key to not getting fat from eating fat is to stay active and make sure that you are getting fat from organic sources and grass fed meat sources. Fat in commercial meat products may actually contain a large amount of toxins from how the animal lived and what it ate. These toxins and fat sources are the reason why you might become overweight, because the body cannot utilize the toxins and the disrupted structures of the food. You have to get wild caught and organic grass fed meats. Buying commercial meat products are also very bad for the environment as the animals are raised in very polluted conditions. Organic grass fed meats are raised the way nature intended because the farmer used more care in growing the livestock. This is the most important truth because you will literally get vitamins and minerals from the grasses or berries that an organic animal ate. These nutrients are what make us more energetic, more smart and able to function properly so that we can lose weight and stay in good shape.

Have you ever wondered why skinny or athletic people can sometimes eat whatever they want while you are still suffering? This is because you have to get yourself to the point where you can have fun first and foremost. So I would suggest following guidines of metabolic typing and taking each bit of advice at your own pace. Adding and removing things from your lifestyle one at a time until you master what works best for you. This is your body so listen to it.

I would suggest to start detoxing as soon as possible. Getting plenty of water, rest and regular exercise. You are going to notice the best results this way. Sweating and working hard do payoff, believe me on that. Most of the time we become overweight because we accidently made the wrong food choices and ended up being overweight from toxic buildup and stress. It is so easy to start losing weight. Just start detoxing, drinking water and being diligent in changing your habits. It may take a while but when you've accomplished your dream weight or dream body it will be well worth it.

You have to give yourself permission to be healthy. Fasting is another way to lose weight but you have to be careful with it. I once asked my friend how he stays so skinny all the time and he replied with that sometimes he just doesn't eat. This is fasting and sometimes can be very helpful too but watch out because a hungry body will retain food if it knows that it will be 11 hours before the next meal. Our body sometimes will retain weight if it knows there won't be another meal for many hours. An example would be if you ate breakfast and skipped lunch and had a huge dinner you might actually bloat or get back pain. You want at a minimum to have 3 organically grown meals each day.

Another weight loss approach would be eating 4-6 small meals throughout the day. This will speed up your metabolism naturally because the body knows it will be fed again every 2-3 hours and will want to use the energy. It will start processing things a bit faster and you could lose weight because your metabolism will also be processing your fat cells along the way. This will lead to more energy and thus more motivation to exercise.

Lastly, it is very important to know that every single organ in the body has to be healthy for optimal health to occur. The muscular system won't function properly until all the organs are working correctly, as the body is holistic. This means that it all works together and needs each other. To avoid muscle imbalances and injuries it is important for us to know this truth. This also includes the lungs (if you're a smoker). Often when people smoke they become hungrier because of a lack of oxygen to the lungs. Eating that extra food may lead to weight gain because its technically considered 'over-eating'. So managing these activities is going to be important for you. Not one organ in the body can be out of function in order for the muscular system to function properly and the weight loss to occur. So pinpoint all the foods and herbs that will heal your organs properly and you will end up with so much positive energy that this whole process will become simplified, fun and easy.

Thankyou for reading Obesity: causes and cures


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