Ophiuchus Tips For Astrologers

The Health, Work & Service-to-Humanity Domains of Mercury

If I were going to associate the term "The Great Work" with any of the signs of the mundane Zodiac it would be Virgo, the House of Health, the Abundant and Prosperous Agrarian Earth and our Work in connection therewith. What greater work can there be than being in service to something greater than self - like the whole of Humanity for instance and even more importantly, loving, caring for and giving back to that Being that births, nurtures and sustains our world of forms - a vitally essential member of the Great Symbiotic Circle of Life.

Let me be clear and honest with you. Once I found an unfamiliar constellation named Ophiuchus walking across the Zodiac Belt between Scorpius and Sagittarius, I determined to forget everything I ever learned about Astrology that was not essential (which I did successfully over Time) and then retrieve only what was vital through process of osmosis with the use of the night time sky, planetarium programs and my own sixth senses, aided by the planets and stars themselves. My thinking was, it was all either true or false, and I figured if it was true it would come to life for me organically.

And it did.

Life is an organic process. There are no wrong paths you can go down. All roads lead to Wisdom eventually. And so as Virgo is the sign of Secret Wisdom and Mercury the Roman form of Hermes Trimegistus is the Magus, this sign and constellation is perhaps the single most under-valued expanse of real estate on the Zodiac Belt.

The Domain of Virgo includes wisdom, science, agriculture, Earth Mother Gaia, technical writing, communication, and the all-important Service to Humanity and the planet Mercury is Her traditional planetary Voice.

Virgo is the House humble returning souls often choose to work through as they actualize themselves, putting back into the stream of life from which they so freely drank while they sojourned here in the world of physicality. It is the classic workplace of the Serpents of Wisdom. There are many Mysteries to be found in the House of Virgo though few go looking here for them anymore. Are you ready?

When the ears are ready for the lips, the Master appears.

According to Max Heidel in Message of the Stars, one of the Rosicrucian texts and Astrology manuals:

Mythologically Mercury is represented as a "Messenger of the Gods" and this is the line with the occult facts, for when infant humanity had been led astray by the marital Lucifer spirits and had fallen into generation it became necessary for the other divine hierarchies to take steps looking to a future regeneration and to further that object the Lords of Venus were brought to the earth to educate humanity in such a manner that love might be substituted for lust and men might thus be induced to aspire to something higher. While the Lords of Venus dealt with mankind in general the most precocious among them were taken in hand by the Lords of Mercury; whose wisdom-teaching is symbolically represented by the caduceus or "Staff of Mercury," consisting of two serpents twining around a rod and indicating the solution of the riddle of life, or "Whence have we come, why are we here, and whither are we bound?" showing the pupil the spiral path of Involution by which the divine spark has buried itself in matter, also the spiral path of Evolution by which humanity will eventually again reach the Father's bosom, and the short road of Initiation represented by the central rod around which the serpents twine. But to understand these Mysteries requires mind and reason. Mercury then is the mental educator of men and its place and position in the horoscope shows the status of the person's mind for whom it is cast.

Source: Max Heidel, Message of the Stars

The Celestial Scorpion-Serpent-Eagle Alchemy

We are at that juncture now, working to transmute the martial Scorpion into the 'something higher' spoken of by Max Heindel. As Ophiuchus's Serpent of Wisdom, Mars now begins to respond to the sound of his higher calling, and thereby the Scorpion is transformed into the lofty Eagle - perhaps with an intermediate step through some form of the serpentine. For a perspective on the timing of this part of The Great Work, see the Sun & Moon in June 2011 post series on Astronomologer.

Staking Out Sacred Ground & Preparing to Defend It

For our purposes we're going to focus on Constellation Virgo. I have two good reasons. The first reason is that's how Astronomology works. We don't observe "signs" in the old sense. Everything is a sign of something these days. The second reason is really the reason behind the first reason. As a Zodiac Sign Virgo is a mere 30° wide like every other sign on the Zodiac Belt. But along the Ecliptic Plane her Constellation takes up about 44°. Frankly, she deserves that much attention - for one thing that's at LEAST as much work as we need to put back into her just to get her healthy again if that is humanly possible.

The idea that Scorpius is being whittled away should be fine with you unless you want to continue perishing from life-threatening diseases for which cures are possible, such as Cancer for example, and AIDS. Some people say cures have been found that are being held hostage so we continue to get sick and have to support insurance companies, visit doctors, take pills and suffer treatments that don't work and go into expensive hospital beds for extended stays. I've also caught wind of the fact that Big Business is legislating Healthy Food Production and about to put it out of business. What's up with that, anyway?

The Divine Physician has put out his 'THE DOCTOR IS IN' sign. But if you want to continue to worship the sign in charge of Death & Taxes, go right ahead. For my part, Unsubscribe me from THAT list!

Virgo, Ophiuchus Share Planetary Intelligence

In the new lexicon we're tossing out the term "Rulership." It sends the wrong message. The planets don't rule the constellations and they don't rule you. They make reasonable suggestions and if we don't follow the advice we suffer the consequences. Let's take responsibility for that bit of cosmic reality right here and now. Your body sends you a message when you're hungry, right? Ignore it and consequences ensue. The same principle applies here. The correct term is 'Planetary Intelligence' because the Planets are the voices for the Constellation energies transmitting through them.

From the Ophiuchus point of view, what better luminary to expect the Divine Master Healer to work with and through than Mercury, the Planetary Intelligence of Virgo? There is no arguing the rightness of this planet-house combination. It is a match literally made in Heaven.

So that is a done deal and now you know - Constellation Ophiuchus has a voice, and it is the neutral Mercury who also is considered to be, by the way, hermaphrodite/androgyne (in other words, of non-specific gender).

The Mythos of Mercury

Exploring Mercury from the meta-physical perspective first, we will start by reminding Astrologers and informing budding Astronomologers that the mythos of Mercury is as old as the oldest of the world's archetypal and mythological figures. (For a perspective on myth and history, visit Chapter 3 of The Quintessential Ophiuchus). Right now, we're only going to scratch the surface. It is up to the student who intends to master his or her topic to seek a teacher and do the deep research required.

Mercury, in brief, is

the Roman version of Hermes, who was
the Greek equivalent of Hermes Trimegistos the Thrice Greatest, who was
the Greco-Egyptian equivalent of the Egyptian root intelligence: Thoth, Scribe of the Gods, God of the Moon, Magic, Writing, Astrology & Astronomy.

Thoth / Hermes Trimegistos was the Hierophant of Hierophants, the Magus Merlin, a Grand Master Alchemist and author of The Emerald Tablet. In the recovered fragments of Corpus Hermeticum, Hermes Trimegistos addresses a number of his lectures, letters and his famous sermon to Asclepius, addressing him 'my son."

Lest we forget, it is the Myth of Asclepius that gives Constellation Ophiuchus its marquee attributes and main storyline. Hence, Mercury plays a natural and key role in the Serpent Holder's mythos and astrological meanings repository. Mercury is the direct link between the Serpent Holder and the Ancient Wisdom carriers on this Planet, who might be called the Serpents of Wisdom ← here's a link to Mark Amaru Pinkham's book on that topic called → The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.

As a matter of Metaphysical tradition, we are given to understand Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, performs that same function for Humanity. If his job description could be generally summed up in one word, that word would probably be "Communication."

Hermeticism: Roman Mercury as the Greek Hermes

Hermes is first attested in the Mycenaean pantheon, as Hermes Araoia ("Ram Hermes") in Linear B inscriptions at Pylos and Mycenaean Knossos, circa 1450 BC making Hermes as old as Mithra, Soma, and Dionysus. *** Hermes is the herald and messenger of the Greek Olympian gods, the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. Hermes is the god of boundaries/ transitions/ transformations, a God of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, a god known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the "messenger" (Gr. angelos - Angel) of the Gods. Besides that he was a patron of poetry and music, inventing the lyre, the pan pipe, and the flute. Hermes carried a magical "golden staff" with which he could cause sleep or with hold sleep from men or Gods. Over time Hermes staff sprouted wings, acquired two serpents and is today called the Caduceus, the symbol of modern Medicine, which is very fitting since Hermes was a "master healer", who over time transferred his healing power to his Son Asclepius. Hermes was considered the inventor of the religious sacrifices to the other gods, and hence he not only acts the part of a herald at sacrifices (Aristoph. Pax, 433), but is also the protector of sacrificial animals, and was believed in particular to increase the fertility of sheep. He was worshiped throughout Greece, especially in Arcadia, and festivals in his honor were called Hermoea.

* * *

Hermes Trismegistus

* * *

Alexander the Great captured Egypt from the Persians, late in the year 332 BC, founding the City of Alexandria in 331 BC. In the wake of Alexanders conquest, Egypt became an attractive area for Greek settlers and traders. Throughout Egypt, but especially in the City of Alexandria, the ancient Egyptian and Persian philosophies and religious cults mingled with those philosophies and mystery cults of the wider Greek world. This ancient meeting of East and West created the perfect conditions for a synthesis of new beliefs, the creation of new Philosophies and many new religious cults. It was here that the Egyptian cult of Thoth and the Greek cult of Hermes, became blended so to speak into the new cult of Thoth/Hermes. It was only natural that two similar Gods who both created writing, science, medicine, religion and magic in their respective myths would be thought of as being basically the same God under different names. Thoth was referred to as "twice greatest" and "thrice greatest" (three times great) by his Egyptian followers, which in Greek translates to "Trismegistus." Thus creating the name Hermes Trismegistus literally "thrice-great Hermes" in Latin "Mercurius ter Maximus".

As a divine fountain of writing, Hermes Trismegistus was credited with tens of thousands of writings of high standing, reputed to be of immense antiquity. Plato's Timaeus and Critias state that in the temple of Neith at Sais, there were secret halls containing historical records which had been kept for 9,000 years. Clement of Alexandria was under the impression that the Egyptians had forty-two sacred writings by Hermes, encapsulating all the training of Egyptian priests.

The "Hermetic literature", known as the "Hermetica", is a category of papyri containing spells and induction procedures. In the dialogue called the Asclepius (after Hermes Son Asclepius, the Greek god of healing) the art of imprisoning the souls of demons or of angels in statues with the help of herbs, gems and odors, is described, such that the statue could speak and prophesy. In other papyri, there are other recipes for constructing such images and animating them, such as when images are to be fashioned hollow so as to enclose a magic name inscribed on gold leaf.

* * *

Source: Hermes & Hermeticism at Ambrosiasociety.org

Mercury - Chakra & Color Associations

The organs of Communication are coordinated in the Human Body at the Throat Chakra. As seen in the diagram at right, that Chakra is associated with the color Blue.

The Hermetic versions of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life where color associations are made, show the Eighth Sephira Hod (Splendor, Glory or Majesty) as Mercury's sphere and the color association is Orange. You can see on the Chakra map where that Chakra is located. Hence, having started this Tips for Astrologers sequence with an essay on Mars as the Serpent, we seem to be working our way up the Caduceus, kundalini-serpent-style. And just think. Transforming the function of Mars from scorpion to serpent of light has just reversed your body's cosmic programming in which the Piscean Age mandate was to live through a given number of planetary Saros Cycles and then die. If you have sat there, your Base Chakra resting in your chair while you read this and cried YES YES YES to it, then you have just reprogrammed your Base Chakra with the Will to Live (instead of the Will to Die).

Am I a quack or is this beginning to make some sense to you? Activate your new Mercury Power and Communicate with someone about something new-thought. Test how this new energy feels in your body - how it plays in your throat and how it resonates throughout the rest of the body. Go outside and grab some more new energy using the Planetary Healer 'Y' Posture. Ground it into the Earth Mother's body through your newly aligned beyond-the-need-to-die body. Maybe you have been able to arrest the cosmic clock your body was attuned to until now - and maybe you haven't. But now you know how it works and you have incentive to keep learning more because this is the day you've been told was coming - and this sounds like more than flowery rhetoric. It's the cosmic nuts and bolts of a new system that you can bring down to Earth if you want it. Don't forget, Earth Planet Terra is still a Free Will Zone. Nobody is going to bink you over the noggin with a magic wand. If you want something here, you have to reach out and demonstrate your intention to own it.

That having been said, there is a certain charm involved in being able to turn in your old body for a new model like we do with automobiles, airplanes, boats, and space ships ... I guess it all depends on how afraid we are of the separation process we call "death" (and whether we can come up with a better way of disposing of our trash). Maybe it's just pain we all wish we could avoid. Transforming Mars from scorpion to serpent speaks to that dynamic as well.

And now for a scientific perspective and then we will tie the two together - science and meta-physics.

NASA's Messenger - Mission to Mercury Returns Surprising Results

Mercury Messenger's NASA Press Kit

The image at the top of the post shows an exaggerated false-color image taken using 11 different color filters. The video was made the same way. Bringing out the color this way can help geologists make guesses about the age and composition of the terrain.

Younger, rougher ground, such as the ejecta from a meteorite impact, shows up yellow. Over time, smaller impacts and the solar wind will wear it down and turn it more red. Orange areas are likely from volcanic eruptions, and the blue areas are still somewhat of a mystery. Once in orbit, Messenger will pass over the surface more slowly and gather detailed data that will help scientists understand the mineral composition of the different areas.

More 'Hidden' Territory on Mercury Revealed [NASA]

Source: Mercury As You've Never Seen It Before

Recombining Science & Spirit - A Prophecy Coming of Age

Orange and blue. So NASA is surprised, but I'm not. Are you?

I'm always curious about what the connection is between cosmic cause and physical effect. So let's take a look at that, shall we?

According to NASA's Mission to Mercury Press Kit (link above), Messenger was scheduled to be inserted in its orbit of Mercury for the first time at 8:54 pm EDT on March 17, 2011. I ran a Sky Chart of that date and time using as my Fisheye on the Sky our usual default location of Stonehenge, the Earth's Supercomputer. (I guess it's the 'usual' location if you've been tracking recent events with me on Astronomologer. If not, now you know.) If you're tracking this event along with me, watch your corrections for Daylight Saving Time because the U.K. didn't go into DST until March 27.

Here is a screen capture of the view looking East and ESE from Stonehenge at 00:54 AM on March 18, 2011.

Mmm. Is this a cosmic coincidence, or do I see some communicating going on here? For budding Astronomologers, the point where the eastern horizon is cutting across the Ecliptic Plane is referred to in Astrological terms as the "Ascendant." The "sign" or any part of a "sign" to the left of the Ascendant is referred to as the "Rising Sign." As we can see the Serpent Holder is the Rising Sign. Oh wait, I forgot. Ophiuchus isn't a sign. Okay, well whatever. It is what it is. The Constellation at Due East is Constellation Serpentis or Serpens, Ophiuchus's serpent. Approximately 2.5 months after Messenger acquires orbit around planet Mercury, a serpent will drop down out of the sky in a crop circle just a few miles northeast of Stonehenge. About two weeks after that two serpents on a caduceus-like symbol will appear in a crop circle in an area known as "Stonehenge-1", just in time for June Solstice 2011.

Next I'll be showing you a significant indicator relating directly to planet Mercury.

The interesting feature of this frame isn't the alignment of Mercury to the Great Andromeda Galaxy. NASA uses celestial objects as reference points for navigating the voyages of our spacecraft. What is interesting is the message here that NASA's desire to learn more about Mercury was part of a greater Plan. Astrologers well know at the top of the list of properties of the great gaseous giant Jupiter is 'expansion" and "opening up". Hence, this was not a cosmically random event. The timing was perfect. Whoever at NASA got the brainy idea to visit planet Mercury was subconsciously at the beck-and-call of Mercury the Planetary Intelligence.

You will also notice the red dot there at the Aquarius Water Bearer's pitcher out of which is being poured the magical celestial waters of knowledge and universal good will. Mars is activating these waters and, as we learned in our Ophiuchus Tips for Astrologers #1, Mars has been shown to represent the body of the great Serpent of Epidauros whenever Asclepius desires to come down out of the stars and be transported somewhere. If we really wanted to get exotic in our interpretation here, we might see the Aquarius Waterbearer (whose Planetary Intelligences are Saturn and Uranus - Mercury's higher octave) pouring a Serpent out of his pitcher. And we might say this serpentine outpouring resulted in the crop circle serpents seen in June at Stonehenge.

So what have we learned today? Mars and Mercury and Virgo and Ophiuchus are very much connected and NASA is no stranger to any of them. So again, I suggest we just relax about NASA and what's going on out in outer space that we may not know about and get that it's all being expertly watched and supervised.

I'm still a little curious as to what's up with the NASA Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. Mid-July is literally right around the corner. So keep your eyes and ears right here. This may be the only place on the planet where you'll get news updates like this. At least until some of you catch up with me. ;-)


NASA Update September 29, 2011

Mercury "Hollows" Found-Pits May Be Solar System First

New pictures from NASA craft reveal mysterious landforms.

A colorized MESSENGER picture shows hollows (blue) in the Raditladi impact basin on Mercury.

Image courtesy NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Carnegie Institution of Washington

Rachel Kaufman

for National Geographic News

Published September 29, 2011

The planet Mercury is dotted with holes that appear to be unlike any other landform yet seen in the solar system, new pictures show.

High-resolution photographs from NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft revealed the shallow, rimless, irregularly shaped depressions-similar to the holes in Swiss cheese-in impact craters all over Mercury.

(Related: "NASA Probe Successfully Orbiting Mercury-A First.")

The features are "widespread both in latitude and longitude," said study co-author David Blewett, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland.

Dubbed hollows, the odd landforms can be tens of meters to a few kilometers wide, whereas the impact craters that contain them are tens of kilometers wide or bigger.

The hollows are often seen in clusters on the walls, floors, and peaks of the craters. Many hollows have smooth, flat bottoms and feature highly reflective material.

While Mercury had previously been thought of as a geologically dead planet, with few changes to its surface over the past billion years, "these [hollows] just look fresh," Blewett added.

"I think there's a distinct possibility that they're active today."

Solar Wind Zapping Mercury's Minerals?

The researchers considered the possibility that the hollows were formed during Mercury's volcanic past. On other planets, volcanism can form rimless depressions such as calderas and vents.

(See "Tiny Mercury Had Huge Volcanic Eruptions, Probe Finds.")

The team notes, however, that the hollows are much smaller than known volcanic pits, and the holes appear in places on Mercury that aren't likely to have experienced volcanic activity.

What's more, the hollows look distinctly fresh, because they haven't been reshaped by later impact events.

* * *

The researchers theorize that the hollows could form when volatile materials such as sulfur on the surface are exposed to the harsh solar wind-actually a stream of charged particles from the sun. (Related: "Sun's Mysterious Waves Found; May Be Solar Wind Source.")

Read more

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