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Photosynthesis - chemical reaction within a plant between light and the plan

When the water and nutrients are absorbed into the roots and reach the leaves, they combine with carbon dioxide, and with the help of the sunlight and chlorophyll, the leaves create carbohydrates and, as a by-product, oxygen. This miraculous process is called photosynthesis.

In order for the chlorophyll to do its job properly in its "solar powered food factories," the roots and stem must always have an adequate amount of water. The outer and inner parts of the leaves are completely dependent on the water. Once a leaf becomes too dry, it will not be able to function properly and may even die.

The underside of the plant leaf are covered with small holes called stomata, which serve a variety of functions. They open and close as they evacuate excess moisture, oxygen, and waste products while serving as the portals that allow carbon dioxide to enter the plant. This protects the leaves from drying out.

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