In the Piscean Age we were the Fish moving through the water, learning our lessons within the water.

In the Age of Aquarius we are the water, moving freely to experience the lessons not limited by the physical form of the Fish that we once were.

Just imagine yourself as the fish swimming in the ocean, exploring all that can be explored within the ocean.

Now imagine yourself becoming the ocean, not just merely exploring but becoming all that is the ocean.

This is what the change is all about; this is what 2012 is all about.

The chance of becoming the ocean.

Many will still remain a fish within the ocean as they have chosen to stay attached to the physical life of the fish for a little bit longer.

Some have chosen to become the water and move beyond the attachments of the experience of the physical fish and explore without the limitations of the appearance of the fish.

The ocean will become clearer as the Age of Aquarius will bring the fluidity of water into the game.

As a fish there can be limits as to how deep you can move into the ocean.

When you become the ocean there are no limits on how deep you can go.

There are many different species of fish, just like within your reality.

Some fish stay close to the surface, other fish have found ways to stay under water a bit longer so they can move deeper.

You will encounter many species on your path.

Some friendly, some not so friendly.

To become the ocean you will have to move to the deepest point within the ocean, encounter all the experiences within every level of the ocean as this is what turns you into the ocean.

You become the ocean, by becoming all there is to see and explore within the ocean.

There are places to hide within the ocean, but hiding will keep you on one level within the ocean, stuck behind a plant or maybe even another species of fish.

The only way to move through is to find the path that is of the least resistance.

As you know that the deeper you move the more aware other species of fish are and there will be some that are letting you ride along as others will be not so friendly and will not let you pass through as they live off the food you represent for them.

This is where the changes within you need to take place to become fully aware of everything as this is what will guide you toward the path of moving deeper, finding your power within, changing your appearance as you move deeper.

Changing your appearance meaning becoming the above levels of the ocean and in this way find the path to move through the next level of the ocean.

You will have to move constantly deeper and deeper, becoming more of the ocean as this is what propels you through deeper levels.

You can stay on a level that feels comfortable and remain there, but if you want to become the ocean right now, at this moment, you will have not much time to stay as the end of the Age of Pisces is there and the New Age of Aquarius is moving in bringing different realities and ways of moving into deeper levels of the ocean.

You are moving toward the cusp, the zero point where the ocean is changing now rapidly to accommodate the change into the Age of Aquarius.

This means that there is much more movement within the ocean than ever before and this movement will support you in moving deeper faster and faster if you choose to follow this flow.

You can see it in this way, the movement within the ocean is rising to a level needed to change into the movement of the Age of Aquarius.

This is a rebirthing, a movement of turning almost inside out. Everything within the ocean is moving toward the deepest point within the ocean and from there the new ocean is being created within the Age of Aquarius.

So as the movement of the ocean is going within, deeper and deeper, you can follow this movement deeper and deeper more easily than ever before.

Allowing you to take advantage of the movement of the ocean so you yourself can become the ocean.

The choices are limitless as the ocean moves and you can become what you are already.

The Ocean


Through Petra Margolis

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