"Rudolf Steiner's spiritual teachings are a fascinating journey into the realms just beyond our five senses, where thoughts are things and creation begins. Rudolf Steiner not only learned how to experience these areas directly, he also developed specific techniques that can enable the individual to actually see into spiritual reality.

In addition to learning about Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Teachings, we meet some of the men and women who are utilizing the impulses brought by Dr. Steiner to expand and enhance their specific vocations in very practical ways, for example in Education Agriculture, Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Architecture, Arts, and working with developmentally sisabled children and adults."


*"Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Realities are a fundamental gift to mankind, and were the creation of the Science of Spirit known as Anthroposophy, from the Greek Anthropos, or man, and Sophia, or Wisdom."

*"Rudolf Steiner's wisdom within the evolution of mankind At our current stage in human evolution, the need for Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Wisdom, to elevate the race beyond the current materialistic viewpoint that pervades the globe, is an absolute necessity if we are to avert major disaster of immense proportions. In these days, the body, brain and spirit of the human being continues to remodel, adjust and progress as the demands of the cosmos set the stage for the challenges, obstacles and treasures that lie ahead. The veil between current human consciousness and the vision of hidden spiritual realities is thinning constantly. This divine experience, as necessary as it is for the leading minds of our worldly society, is also beckoning anyone who sincerely and reverently seeks it out or who, by the grace of creation, approaches it. This giant step comes to us with incredible side effects and perils if the recipient is not properly prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually."


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