Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Many people are searching for answers about who they really are; where they really came from; why are they here on Earth at this time; and, the most frequent, 'What is my life's purpose?'

They then begin to recognize (or in some cases 'receive', seemingly spontaneously) a metaphysical or psychic ability - then the questions really begin to pile up.

Psychic ability symptoms can vary from person to person, as well as from within each ability. Also, the lines delineating abilities are thinning; many abilities 'dip into' other abilities - or one 'label', or term, describes multiple abilities. It is no longer about labels or terms, it is all becoming one - it has become experiencing energy and using energy to help others.

When I was younger, I had discovered that not everyone saw/felt/heard as I did. Seeking answers, I broached the subject of psychic abilities with my mother; her response was that she believed in that 'stuff', but not in her house.

A lot of people awakening to their abilities may find resistance from those around them. This can lead to frustration, questioning one's sanity (barring any medical/psychological imbalances) and a sense of being very much alone. For me, I had felt like I was some sort of odd-ball or 'freak'. Not true!

You are not alone. The human race as a whole, over the last ten years or so, has been awakening at an astonishing rate. We are finally acknowledging our spiritual rights to fully be ourselves and to combine energies with the energies of the world. We are not just three dimensional beings... we are so much more!

I would like to say to those of you who have just begun seeking answers about the metaphysical abilities, more often than not, you have been doing this, or experiencing this, your whole life - you just may not have had terminology attached to the experiences. Also, as your abilities become refined, they are not usually jarring or blaring experiences. What I mean is that the experiences are usually subtle and can be easily dismissed or overlooked. One example could be when someone says "Wow! Was that a coincidence or what?" or "It must've been my imagination."

You need to think beyond that mentality, and be willing to be open to the subtle nuances around you.

(Again, barring any medical/psychological imbalances) I am including some of the 'symptoms' I have, or have had, in reference to metaphysical abilities:

  • Knowing who is on the phone (without caller ID) or door before being answered.
  • Know when someone lies - or tells partial truths - to you. (For me, this creates a physical sensation, tightening, in my stomach or abdomen region).
  • Knowing something good (or bad) is getting ready to happen, but don't have details.
  • Uneasiness, unsettled feeling and/or jitteriness prior to a major event, such as an earthquake - regardless of where it happens.
  • Knowing when a friend/relative needs to hear from you - or is in trouble.
  • Knowing something specific (with details) is going to happen (outside of the 'norm').
  • Knowing what an animal (or plant) is communicating. Can be a knowing, mind pictures, or internal dialoguing.
  • Having dreams, or flashes, what come true.
  • Knowing, seeing and/or hearing a deceased loved one (or deceased strangers).
  • Physically being seen at two different locations at the same time.
  • People suddenly feeling better just being around you (not just friends).
  • Seeing and/or hearing 'ghosts'.
  • Hearing or knowing others thoughts.
  • Touching an item, object or person and knowing information about same, or its previous owner (such as 'negative' energy feeling, knowings, mind pictures).
  • Know how someone else is feeling (their emotions, whether hidden or exposed) - and feeling it yourself.
  • Knowing what's the most probable outcome of a situation, event or circumstance without having prior knowledge and not being a statistician.
  • Seeing and knowing what a place (building, town, etc) will look like in the far future.
  • Seeing the past and present at the same time.
  • Communicate, hear and/or receive information from non-physical beings (other than ghosts).

There are many books, courses (I do offer two online courses - The Basics Course and Undefined Reality Course), and instructors around. Please make sure you are comfortable with your instructor.

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