The Function of Astrology

by Blake Riede

In the picture above we can see a simple drawing of our solar system. The Sun and Earth are the only objects depicted and there are various stars in various angles.

The star in the top right corner shows how any given star gives off energy in every direction and at every angle. The two stars to the bottom left and the star by the sun have dotted lines emanating away from them.

This energy emanating away from stars(the dotted line) is going towards Earth to animate a person's given Zodiac sign and other influences.

The Sun As Filter

The sun, of course, has an even bigger influence because it is immediate to earth whereas the other stars are very far away. The sun may act as a sort of filter for the zodiacal influences because during the day we cannot see normal starlight and only the sun is visible.

Since the sun is the closest star to our planet, it acts as a zodiacal magnifier or filter. Considering the sun shines during the day to give us necessary light to make living conditions possible, it helps us animate our given zodiac sign which is typically only seen during the night time hours. This makes the sun act as a plasma filter and magnifier at the same time.

It's a filter because it gives us animation of our sign through time/space to allow only our given sign to shine down onto earth and prevents us from animating another star cluster. It is a magnifier because when we become conscious of who we are according to star light, the sun is the only real celestial object that allows us to grow and thus magnify this consciousness.

Fixed Energy

The visible fixed stars are bodies for which the law of inertia certainly holds to a high degree of approximation. Now if we use a system of co-ordinates which is rigidly attached to the Earth, then, relative to this system, every fixed star describes a circle of immense radius in the course of an astronomical day. [1]

Considering that an average human has an Auric field that radiates outward from their person in circular relativity, it can be concluded that an average man or woman is a projected animation of a fixed astrological star, star cluster or zodiacal system because these stars are also spherical in nature.

Energy Chords

Fixed stars, star systems and zodiacal signs are the beginning from which energy chords are created from to animate persons onto Earth.[2] This woud mean that sick persons that stay inside all day would need to get outside to be animated under sunlight for a few hours each day if optimal health was to be established.

This validity appears in the science of a circadian cycle where if a person loses sleep and becomes insomniac the body will grow sick as compared to a person who has a normal sleep cycle. The person with the normal sleep cycle is absorbing the appropriate amount of star light that is sufficiently needed to animate his or her being.

In psychic studies and culture, energy chords are a very real thing talked about and used as ways to measure energy momentum such as transfer and loss between individuals and situations.[3] Friends can have psychic energy chords attached to each other that are unseen to the eye. These energy transfers may also be visible in the business world as employees and employers need each other to have functionability in the work-place.

This would give attention to the thought of soulmates being correct or incorrect for each other through compatibility analyses. This would mean that soulmates would have to come from approximately the same fixed stars or star clusters or an energetic compatible.

Function of Astrology

Astrology, consequently, functions as a tool to measure a projection of the higher-self from outer space(the higher-self being your optimal human form). As star light is sprinkled down from the cosmos into Earth's atmosphere the light energy is built into a human form as a result of a conglomeration of elements from the planet Earth and photon light particles from the outer stars and sun.

Considering the speed of light (186,282 miles per second) using astrology as a tool for optimal living may provide one of the quickest ways to discover the true self or who you really are by bringing a person into direct alignment with their foundational star light energy.


We have visited the idea of Astrological theory as being an invaluable way in which we may attain higher-enlightenment on the Earth plane. To conclude, the idea that someone may be a projection of an outer star system, fixed star cluster, zodiacal influence and a magnification of our immediate local stars is an in depth science that, if applied correctly, would bring more peace into the lives of those who utilize its function.

1. Theory of relativity by Einstein
2. article: why astrology by

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