Tree Grounding Meditation


I hope you will enjoy this Meditation of the Trees. I have many times felt overwhelmed by lifes' problems, that I would go out into the woods and cleanse myself from the negativity by sharing it with the trees. I always feel so much better after wards and they're more than happy to assist. I've always loved the energy of the trees and felt a close bond with them. Their wisdom and compassion is often just what we need. Sitting by a real tree, is of course the best way, but if you cannot, visualize a tree. You can look out your window at a tree, calling to it and its energy. It will work either way. If at all possible, walk through the woods, open mindedly, seeking a tree that wants to help you or that you feel drawn to. Take your time and let things flow. Here is the meditation. Enjoy~

1. See yourself facing the tree and putting your arms around the trunk to greet it and say hello. Know that the tree is strong, willing and able to help you. Ask it, if it minds helping you with a meditation. This part is optional.

2. Sit with your back to the trunk and let yourself be supported by the tree.(You can sit against a wall and visualize it as the tree trunk if you do this inside.)

3. See the tree, bond with it, imagine roots coming from your legs, the bottom of your spine (butt bone) and feet to go deep within Mother Earth. Become a part of the tree as One. The roots are your connection to the earth, they will help ground you, bring nourishment and all the good things she has to share with you. See the roots going deep into the earth.

4. Imagine the branches, your branches, reaching up into the sky from your shoulders, from the top of your head and arms reaching up and becoming one with time and space, to Father Sky. Draw the positive energy into you from the Earth, sky, and all around you.

5. Breathe in deeply... in and out, deep, slow breaths... a few times. Breathe in whatever it is you need or desire at this time in your life... peace, love, balance, security understanding, compassion, abundance or whatever else you need. Feel the energy enter through your nose and mouth and feel it spread to every cell and nerve of your body.

6. Breathe deep from within you and all living things... be specific about your desires. Let the negativity flow from your body and spirit. Breathe out any anger, stress, resentment, disappointment or anything that is on your mind or upsetting your life or is not working any longer... let it all just slip away. Breathe in positivity and peace.

7. When you feel ready and grounded, you can ask your guide/helper, or angels to show themselves to you or even your Spirit animal. It may come to you in any form. Pay attention. It could be energy, an animal, a human, an angel, a symbol or anything else. Remember to be open-minded and do not doubt what you may see, hear or visualize, see in your mind.

8. Remember this source may not come to you in physical form, or you may not be ready or prepared to meet them yet. Instead, focus on any messages that may be coming to you. Trust your intuition and your gut feelings. This meditation may bring to you many things and perhaps not what you're hoping for just yet if it is not the right time. All things come in the right time, trying to force things are not the best way to get things done.

9. Breathe deeply and allow energy to flow easily through your body. When your guide approaches you, introduce yourself... they know you but its polite to introduce yourself ... Ask their name, get to know them, believe in them. This is a learning experience, and a beginning. Be open to whatever you receive. You may already have had contact with your guide, elemental helpers and the angels... this meditation can be used when you need to balance and center and if your having a difficult time connecting for some reason.

10. After a while, you may want to ask a question, or they may have a message for you. This could be a "getting to know you" session and that`s fine too or just to show you they are with you, don't fear or think the worst if you don't feel anything strong right away, it can take time. Just allow yourself to float away and make note of what you feel, see or hear. You may receive a vision, a thought or message from any source.

11. When you're ready to leave, thank them for being there. Accept whatever you're given and ask them to be with you whenever you need them. Angels prefer to be asked. They're always near, but do not interfere with our lives usually. You may ask them to help you with something in particular, like healing, for direction in your life, peace, for a partner or friend. There are so many things they can help with, the list is endless. They always love to help. Just ask. Guides can only do so much for us, as any helper... we have to do the work ourselves with them helping and possibly advising.

12. Now, feel yourself coming back to your body. Pull up your roots from the earth, thanking Mother Earth for her grounding and nourishment, and pull back your branches from the sky, thanking Spirit/God or your Higher Power and Father Sky.

13. Breathe deeply and slowly and start to become aware of your surroundings..... the ground you sit on, the feel of the bark/wall against your back and your whole body, the smells, sounds and temperature around you. Open your eyes... slowly stretch your body as you come back to your true reality and natural self. Afterwards, you may want to write down any messages or experiences you may have had/received. It helps us to remember and compare our other experiences as we grow and follow our path to new and wonderful things. Trees are wonderful helpers and guides and have such wisdom to share with us, remember to talk to them often and ask for their help. We all live on this earth and are here to help one another. Blessings, peace and light, Mysti

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