Twin Souls Don't Hurt Each Another

I have found a lot of material on twin flames online, and people who tell me about their misfortunes with their twin, I am saddened to see how much misguidance is readily available on line, much of which has lead to people being traumatically hurt. It is important to understand for me that very little twin flame material available is helpful and genuine. It is an experience that goes beyond rationality, beyond love, it bends all 3D rules, but is has nothing in common with usual man/ woman carry on in life. In my opinion, twin flames are graduate souls, here on a mission. They are already evolved beings, with no karmic debt whatsoever with the world or with each other.

If you must take anything from me, is that twin flames never ever truly hurt one another, it is simply unthinkable. The reason for that is that they are too closely connected and too evolved spiritually to ever really hurt one another. They are always connected in 5D and above, even if not connected in 3D. They are truly the one soul incarnated in the two bodies in 3D. They both know their life mission and have accepted it, and both are aware of the other's existence from life planning. That is YES! They do know that from a very young age while incarnated on Earth. Usually there are certain terms for an actual twin flame relationship to take place while incarnated. Should one of the twins have broken their contract, there will be no relationship, they may still be able to do their work and even to unite in time. If you find yourself being treated without kindness or love from your twin flame, my advice is the following: WALK AWAY!! THIS IS NOT YOUR TWIN FLAME! this is about something else. Never ever allow anybody, even if you think this is your twin, to do injustice to you, don't find any excuses for it.Many relationships have similarities with twin flames, but it does not necessarily means that this person is your twin, or if he or she is, it does not mean that you must allow that person to treat you unkindly in any way.

There is running and subtle scary parts to twin flames union, and there are ups and downs at times, but these are due mainly to outer circumstances, fear, and opposing forces. It does take time to get there, we are talking years. and remember, the sexual aspect is the final bit, if you jump into that first, you may not get the chance for a balanced relationship or union in sight. This person is your mirror, he or she is the reflection of your positive and of your negative sides. It will take conscious work and true love to heal one another from what has taken place for you on Earth since you were born. It will even help heal aspects of you from previous lives.So a lot of issues and past lives experiences are going to be raised with your twin, not necessarily directly about these, you don't need to speak about it with him or her at all. You can keep it to heal your heart.

Just see what comes up, see what is, see where it takes you. A lot of time needs to take place between real healing takes place and the beginning of a relationship. All these events need to take place, but it needs to be done with love, compassion, understanding, support. Never in a rude, violent, aggressive and unkind manner, never actual real pain, it will be a seeing and healing scenario. Anything beyond that experience is not right in my own opinion. The twin flames do not need to go into a sexual relationship for this to take place, they do not need to leave their partner or family, there is no need for trauma or dramas. It will take place and you can witness it if you can be present to see it when it happens.

There will be a lot taking place night time, in dreams and on the higher realms, where you are truly part of the One body with your twin flame. Nothing is more important than your well being, balance and spiritual sanity. Please do yourself a favor and let go of any unloving, unkind connection and you don't have to agree with me, just think of it. much love. laura



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