Venus Transit 2015 Dates

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Venus, the planet of love and romance, will transit in 2015. But, when? Where to get the details from? Read this article and widen your knowledge about planet Venus and Venus transit in 2015.

Here we are with dates for Venus transit in 2015 or Shukra Gochar in 2015. Through these dates, you will be able to know the accurate effects of Venus transit in 2015 on your life, be it good, average, or bad. Depending upon the position of Venus in your birth-chart (Kundali), Mercury transit in 2015 will affect you. In general, Venus is known as the planet of love, affection, and prosperity. Thus, Venus transit in 2015 can prove really blissful for every sphere of your life. However, transit of Venus in 2015 may give unsatisfactory results, if it forms conjunction with any malefic planet. Everything you want to know related to the effects of Venus on you will get cleared and unsolved with Venus transit in 2015. As the planet is the significator (Karak) of love, romance, and harmony; therefore, Venus transit in 2015 will tell you about your love life. Along with its favorable and unfavorable results, Venus transit in 2015 will provide you with the required remedies too. Get to know about Venus transit 2015 dates here:

Transit :

In the beginning of the year, Venus will be in Capricorn sign. After that, it will switch in the following:

23 January - Venus transits in Aquarius
16 February - Venus transits in Pisces
13 March - Venus transits in Aries
6 April - Venus transits in Taurus
02 May - Venus transits in Gemini
31 May - Venus transits in Cancer
05 July - Venus transits in Leo
13 August - Venus transits in Cancer
01 October - Venus transits in Leo
3 November - Venus transits in Virgo
30 November - Venus transits in Libra
25 December - Venus transits in Scorpio

Combust & Rise :

10 August - Combust in Cancer
20 August - Rise in Cancer

Retrograde & Direct :

24 July - Retrograde in Leo
06 September - Direct in Cancer

Venus Transit 2015: The Brightest Planet

Venus is associated with love, romance, harmony, happiness, and prosperity. You appear beautiful, you appear attractive - all because of Venus. Your charm, aura, elegance, and grace, all come from Venus. Other than all these qualities, Venus plays a very important role in arousing the sensual feelings in an individual.

Coming to the astronomical facts, Venus is the 2 nd planet from Sun and is the brightest planet among all. Moving onto the mythology, Venus is known as Shukra in Hindi and is referred as 'teacher of demons'. The planet rules Friday i.e. fifth day of the week.

As per the astrological beliefs, Venus gives less malefic and more benefic results. It governs zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. If you are a male, you must know that Venus tells about your better half. Other than explaining about love, romance, and harmony, the planet is related with Mantras, Ayurveda, and other sciences of healing. With Venus transit 2015 remedies , please Lord Venus and welcome comfort as well as wealth in your life.

Strong Venus in one's birth-chart (Kundali) helps in harmonious and ever lasting married life. So, what's in store for you? Unveil it with Venus transit 2015. Follow us and keep a track of our updates to know all about Venus transit in 2015.

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