Sun in Scorpio: Nov. 23-Nov. 29

This month you may find that your intuition is on overload as well as your psychic powers, so much so that it seems like you are reading everyone's minds or at least finishing other's sentences. It will make for an interesting month if we all succumb to this.

Under the influence of Scorpio, you may also be drawn to the great mysteries of life that surround birth, death, reincarnation, afterlife and transformation. Thousands of volumes have been written about these subjects and it may be impossible to research them all in a lifetime, let alone in one short month. But it may strike a cord in you that wants an answer. If that is the case, you can at least begin this month and you'll have the rest of your life to delve into the magic.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and is the one who judges the dead, so it is no wonder that death and rebirth is on our minds at this time. But it is also a time of interest in paranormal phenomenon, the occult and many other things that are ancient and unknown. No other energy can bring things that have long been hidden to the surface like Scorpio. So you may have the desire to go into super sleuth mode to find long lost secrets of the mystics. Talk about exciting stuff. If you feel so drawn, go for it and share your findings with the world.

One thing that you don't want to do is to get caught up in any misconception about what Scorpio is. Because of the intense vibe that you'll feel this month don't mistake it for something dark and heavy. If you are true to yourself during this time, you may have your most spiritual breakthrough and be able to see beneath the fa ade that others present to the world to truly be the best you can be.

Use this month to be inquisitive, observant and passionate about everything you do. This may be one of the most dynamic months of the year, but only if you are open to it. Act like a real Scorpio this month and you could accomplish anything you set your mind to while the Scorpio sun shines overhead.


The Scorpio Sun will have Aries focused on home, health and getting organized once and for all. You are a natural leader, but this month you may need to ask for assistance from a professional organizer to help clear out the clutter and teach you how to let go of sentimental things that have no value. I know you think you can do it on your own, but there's no disgrace in asking for help, especially when it comes to health issues. Burying your head in the sand won't make things go away. Besides you're not an ostrich.


The Scorpio Sun will make Taurus focus on romance and partnerships. You love all your creature comforts and like to retreat to your cozy sanctuary. It would be nice to have someone to share all that luxury. I know, sometimes you just don't want to share your space because that's where you unwind and recoup. But you are so generous, patient and loyal - you should easily be able to accommodate adding a romantic partner to your habitat at least once in a while. Then when you've had enough you can put on your best Greta Garbo and say " I want to be alone".


During the month of Scorpio, Gemini will be interested in the mystery and the mystical. Life, death and rebirth as well as transformation will be at the top of the list. Since one of your favorite things to do is talk about your favorite subject of the moment, look for a class or guru to learn everything you can about this great mystery. Meditation and contemplation will also be a big help in receiving Universal messages. The downside to this for you is that you will need to quiet that brilliant mind so you can hear them. And you won't be able to talk while meditating, but it will be worth it. Then you can talk all you want about the experience.


The Scorpio Sun will have Cancer looking at higher education, Spirituality and travel opportunities. You always are so nurturing when it comes to your family, friends and even strangers, but this is the month to take care of your own interests. So if you have wanted to check out returning to school to further your education, this would be a good time to follow through with that. Even if you can't actually enroll right now, you can find out all the particulars. Same goes with travel - make plans for your dream trip. Or start a meditation class if that's what strikes a cord.


The Sun in Scorpio will have you thinking about career advancement and your reputation. If you are looking to get a promotion and/or a raise, now is a good time to roll with it. You know how to charm everyone and are the star of your own show, so this won't be a stretch for you. All the right words will roll off your tongue at just the right moment when meeting with the higher ups, so you should have no problem getting what you want. If they don't go for it, fine-tune your resume and step center stage into the hiring market. They will all love the magnificent Lion.


Virgo will be focused on all things humanitarian while the Scorpio Sun is here, which will be right up your alley since you are so organized and are always on top of things. With your tight analytical skills, you will create spreadsheets, graphs and power point displays to present to perspective donors in language that is so clear and persuasive that they will all be opening their wallets and pocket books in nothing flat. Decide what organization you want to support and go for it.


While the Sun moves through Scorpio, Libra will focus on all things Spiritual, which is something that can be easy for you as kindness, fairness and justice are virtues you posses and can be the basis for a spiritual life. It will be easy for you to tune in to the Spirit World and receive what is waiting for you there. Your peaceful continence will not throw up blocks to all the sweet messages coming to you from the Universe. Even though you can be indecisive sometimes, you will want to share all you learn with partners and friends, so your focus will be razor sharp.


With the Sun in Scorpio, in your own sign, will have Scorpio thinking about yourself. How others perceive you in the world may be the focus, but just as important will be what you want to become as a person. This is something that will be easier than you may think. Your incredible intuition and psychic powers can and will guide the way. Not that you really need much help in knowing who you are and what face you want to project. It's all about trusting yourself.


While the Sun is in Scorpio, Sagittarius needs to focus on security, finances and material possessions. This can be a drag for you because being tied down to home base taking care of business isn't your cup of tea. You'd much rather be off exploring the world, but you can go back to that any time. This needs your attention now so when you are off to some exotic place you can feel comfortable that all systems are in place to protect you home and bank accounts. So unless you have no home, live out of that full stocked big backpack and carry all your funds around in a money belt. Take care of your security this month.


For Capricorn, the Sun in Scorpio will have you thinking your communication style, which can be perceived as being cold and stoic at times. But that isn't who you are deep in your being, because you are much more than stuffy boardroom or work conversations. Whether you know it or not, you probably have a funny streak if you just let it come out. Some of the world's greatest comedians are Caps, so give it a try. Go to an open mike night and let loose with a standup routine. You may find that you love it.


Home, hearth, nurturing and caring will be on the mind of the often-aloof Aquarius this month. You naturally are very independent and like to spend your time heading up humanitarian ventures where you can make a presentation and then walk back to the sidelines. But you need to spend time this month taking care of your family and learning how to be a nurturer. This is two-fold in that it will give you a closer relationship with your family, but it will also teach you how to nurture yourself. Even the most aloof and detached person needs some TLC.


The Sun in Scorpio will have Pisces thinking about stepping into the spotlight to be adored by cheering fans. You need to put aside your love for otherworldly things and come down to Terra Firma this month. This may be a stretch since Spiritual endeavors are so important to you. But you do live on the Earth plane and one of the quickest ways to have a real in-body experience is to put yourself out there to be seen. Try out for a part in local theater and get up on that stage — you may find that you like it.

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